Perkin Elmer
The examples below are typical of Perkin Elmer instruments that we have supplied. For what is available now, see the currently available page.
Perkin Elmer 4100ZL Zeeman
Perkin Elmer 4100ZL Zeeman
This instrument is now discontinued  
Perkin Elmer 4100ZL Zeeman

Specification of 4100ZL
Fast sequential multi-element capabilities; reduced analysis times and simple method development; true double beam operation; unmatched signal-to-noise ratio.

Examples of detection limits:- Al 0.25 µg/L As 0.45 µg/L Pb 0.15 µg/L Cd 0.015 µg/L

Flow Injection System & AS90 Auto sampler
  • Fully automatic determinations of As, Se, Hg, Sb, Bi, Sn, to the sub-µg/L levels.
  • High sample throughput: 2-3 analyses per minute.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Much better than continuous flow instrumentation.
Perkin Elmer F.I.A.S. and AS 90
Perkin Elmer 3110
Perkin Elmer 3110
Parts are still available for this model 
Perkin Elmer 2800 and 2380
These instruments are discontinued  

Perkin Elmer are well established in the UK. They are good reliable instruments. In our opinion, they have the best Graphite furnace and hydride system of all the manufacturers.